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Harbor Freight

This used to be a wish list. I've stripped it down to things I've bought and used. In many cases the Harbor Freight stuff is the same as Grizzly.

BRASS_TEMPLATE_GUIDE_KIT.gifPrecision machined from solid brass to prevent rust. Universal style bushings and adapter fit most routers. Essential to use where critical accuracy and precision are required. Works well with dovetail jigs or special templates for perfect duplicate cuts. Kit includes 7 bushings, adapter and 2 lock nuts. Reg. $20 Sale $16

I was tempted even though I'd have had to cut them down to uniform heights. I ended up with the Grizzly set ($24) which are uniform in height and work with 1/4" templates...The Grizzly do not fit snugly (I doubt HF would be better) in the router base depression (their diameter is too small) and will not accurately center the bit in the bushing.
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MINI_MILL_and_DRILL_MACHINE.gif"This mini mill/drill machine has two speed ranges-0 to 1100 RPM and 0 to 2500 RPM-great for different thicknesses and types of material. Features a micro feed that allows the operator to feed at .002'' per line." Reg. $500, sale $470

I just got one for $460 plus $50 shipping ($10 + $40 because its a truck item). That extra $40 had me balking (shipping used to be free for everything and recently the truck item surcharge went from $20 to $40) and considering the micro at close to half the delivered price ($270, $260 + $10). The noticeably bigger motor and the R8 collet are probably worth the difference (I've got an underpowered drill press and I curse it all to often). I also considered Grizzly which is only a few blocks away but I wanted the R8 collet (theirs is MT3) and even with the shipping ($0 for me with the Grizzly) the Harbor Freight one was $50 less. I've had good service from Grizzly and if it weren't for the collet I probably would have bought theirs.

...A few months later I see that Cummins Industrial Tools will be in town. The same machine for $400 and no shipping costs, bummer.

X and Y feed: .0625" / 1.5875mm per turn, .001" / .0254mm per division

32mm = 1.25984" or 20 turns (31.75mm) and 9.84 divisions
49mm = 1.9291" or 30 turns (47.625mm) and 54.13 divisions (8.37 shy, call 54/8.5)

Mini Mill Users Guide (pdf)
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ROUTER_SPEED_CONTROL.gifPlug your router into the control unit and you instantly have a variable-speed tool. Works with any universal AC/DC brush type motor, 15 amps and under. Will not work with soft- or slow-start motors. Reg. $25 Sale $12.50

I got this for routering aluminum. Maybe I wasn't slowing it down enough but it didn't help much with an 1/8" bit in .050 aluminum. The main problem I have is aluminum sticking to the bit.
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SMALL_EDGE_CLAMP.gifEssential for applying or repairing veneer, laminates and all other edge-gluing jobs. Sure-grip non-marring holders, 1-7/8'' jaw opening, 2-7/8'' throat depth, 1-7/8'' clamping surface. was $5, now $6.

Better design than their 'big' one. Took off the stock rubber, filed castings flat and added 1/4" dense neoprene rubber. A bit awkward to use because you have to rotate both cams way back to get the clamp to clear 1-1/2" edging...Appears to be a clone of the Maxi Edge Clamp sold by Outwater ($50 each).

Jun '07: NLA (itemnumber=43614)
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