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European Tooling Systems
"We stock a complete line of panel saw blades, metric boring bits, solid carbide router bits, adapters, carbide inserts, diamond and custom tooling, and high speed corrugated steel."

I used them a long time ago and had no complaints aside from a bit that wasn't ground on the circumference. I didn't notice it for a long time and never called them on it so I don't know how good customer service is. No online ordering, 1-800-835-3660.
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"GUHDO provides a full range of high-quality precision tooling for industrial applications, to include saw blades, CNC Router tooling and toolholders, insert tooling, diamond tooling, drill and boring bits, moulder and planer heads, knives, measuring instruments and much more!"
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Freud LU97M010
A melamine blade I want to try. With the dealer locator I found the best prices at InternationalTool and ToolMarts

07 Mar 05 - A hell of a sale/deal at International Tool ($40).
07 May 05 - Its a good blade, much like their original 80 tooth melamine blade (slightly thicker, slightly less negative hook and some fancy laser cut 'slots'). My only complaint is the thick and sloppy clear coating.
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FS Tool Hollow Face Saw Blades
48 Inverted "V" teeth, 5 deg. neg. hook, $180. I'd like to try one of these. They are expensive to both buy and sharpen.
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Italian made boring bits and a lot more.

Salesman was knowledgeable and I got my well packed order of bits and inserts (for my Holz-Her trimmers) in a matter of days.
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Boring bits at sometimes better prices than Integra.

Because of the overall unprofessional feel and lack of information, e.g. where the bit are manufactured (Taiwan?), I went with the slightly higher priced Intergra bits (Italian).

Jan '07: Updated. I guess you could say the site is improved (at least it now works with Linux browsers and images don't link to themselves). The source of these bits appears to be Taiwan. The Woodplus.com.tw router (and boring) bits page still looks like the old Magnate site and 'add to cart' links still point to old Magnate pages (now gone).
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Morris Wood Tool Co., Inc.
Carbide tipped 32mm system bits at a bit higher cost (bits and shipping) than Magnate. Has more selection - things like matching countersinks, small solid carbide drills and 10mm holders (I use the cheaper and more readily available standard HSS twist bits in mine. They are nice for screw pilot holes, e.g. drawer slides). I used to be a European Tooling Systems (800 835-3600) customer and this site stocks pretty much the same stuff. I don't know where the bits are made

Carbide.com has Amana, CMT and FS Tool bits (prices are high).

WoodworkersDiscount.com has Tiawaneese and Italian (Klein) made bits. They used to have a bigger selection, e.g. German made JSO bits.
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Straight Router Bits
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Tenryu Mel-Pro Saw Blades
ATB-R (15 ATB with raker, 0 hook). Its a good blade but I still prefer the longevity of TCG blades for melamine. As a combination plywood/melamine blade it works well.
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