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Yet another project that hasn't been kept up to date. Keeping track of eBay purchases (the back end caches linked pages so I have a permanent copy).

Hafele cabinet hangers. white finish
Hafele cabinet hangers. white finishItem: Hafele cabinet hangers. Made for use with steel hang rails.
Condition:    new stock

Hangers came pretty beat up/abused, some appear to have been used. Here's picture of a 'new one'

... Seller came through with replacements packaged to prevent shipping damage. Apparently the sharp edged hook portion was bumping and dragging against the painted portion during shipment of the first batch (the used ones were an oversight).

Seller: customwoodchairs
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NEW 3/8"3/8" Edgefinder with .200" feeler tip on one end and a center finder on the other. Comes with pouch for storage."

Almost excessive automated communication during process. Fist time I handled it the thing it came apart and I couldn't get it to stay together. Basically the spring is too short or the threading too long. What happens is that the spring will only grab one or two threads on one or the other end and this is not enough to keep the thing together. While it looks fine on the outside the machining on the matting surfaces is pretty bad. Made in India.

Seller didn't respond to first email and promised a replacement in reply to the second. After couple of weeks I decided it wasn't worth it and left negative feedback. Seller replied to the feedback claiming a replacement had been sent weeks ago. I emailed asking if I should dispute his claim. I received no reply but did get my replacement (more than two months after the action ended).

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1.4HGZ AMD Athlon AX1700DMT3C NEW!!!!
14HGZ_AMD_Athlon_AX1700DMT3C_NEW.jpg"THIS CPU IS NEW. IT HAS BEEN TESTED AND IS IN PERFECT WORKING CONDITION. NO/CPU FAN This auction includes the CPU Processor onlyItem guarranteed against DOA"

As advertised and pictured. A new XP 1700 quick and hassle free (unlike the 1600 below).

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3_QUICK_ACTION_PRECISION_TOOLMAKERS_VISE_BRAND_NEW_3H.jpg"Brand New Vise. All Steel Body.Squareness & Paralelism of the vise is approximately .0002" on critical sides..."

Slow and lousy communication but an OK vise. For the price its probably fine but the details indicate cheap. Instead of a rod in holes this is 'quick action', the rod can slide from trough to trough. The setscrew holding the rod in place is worthless because its on the load end. With a loose (and on the short side) rod and a spring that doesn't have much range at keeping the rod up in the troughs, its a bit of a hassle (i.e. not quick).

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XP 1600 CPU AX1600DMT3C item 6854256377
XP_1600_CPU_AX1600DMT3C_item_6854256377.jpg"Selling used XP 1600 AX1600DMT3C Socket A (462) CPU. Was pulled from a working computer due to upgrade. Selling as-is because it is used."

Received DOA, neither looked or worked as advertised. Painfully resolved (eventually got a full refund). What the top and underside actually looked like (top missing a rest and the underside showing evidence of being cleaned??).

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