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Mostly divx/xvid centric nzb links. If you're on Linux see also PAR2 and RAR and Newsgroup Software.

Drizzle News (ISP)

Jan '09: No more newsgroup access, plus $5mo for a fixed IP address and no longer my ISP :)
Jan '07: The service has been running pretty darn smooth for around a year now. Impressive retention in some groups. I don't know what the average retention is but I've been able to fetch 40 day old articles without needing pars (June: I was able to retrieve/repair a 108 day old post. In Feb I ended up 1 of 63 parts short on a 77 day old post, not enough pars.).
May '06: Drizzle may finally be back on track. Most noticeable at this point is the removal of download speed limits (I'm now restricting it to 90KB/s on my end).

One strong point of having Drizzle as an ISP was their excellent news service. They've been under new ownership since December 2004 (IIRC). Since the new ownership they've reduced per connection speeds to 16KB (they were at 8KB!! for a while), dropped a bunch of groups (apparently a clueless admin temporarily dropping groups as a means of dealing with an abusive customer??!!) and retention time is down to 48hrs. on some groups (used to be weeks).

Other changes under the new ownership include not responding to emails, a change in policy (the news changes had me considering a new ISP and I was told I could only get service credit for the year of service I just paid, no refunds) and a drop in support quality. Drizzle support recently scheduled sending a tech to my house. When my line came back up five hours later they referred me to a Qwest number to cancel. The multilevel automated phone system informed me I was affected by an outage. This is not the first time I've spent a bunch of time with Drizzle support, once spending hours on my end, before it becomes clear its a Qwest issue.
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Usenet Search and NZB's

These sites index newsgroups and you search the index and create your own nzb's from the results. They're great when you know what you want and how you want it (e.g. rar only nzb's). They are generally pretty sparse and not the best place to browse. I've been using Binsearch for years. Binsearch makes custom nzb's easier (filter by filetype) but they sometimes loose stuff. When the latter happens I use NZBIndex.nl.

Binsearch.info - "With this site you can search and browse binary Usenet newsgroups. To take full advantage of all the features of this site, the use of a .nzb capable newsreader is recommended."
browse a.b.m.divx
search a.b.m.divx
search a.b.multimedia
browse a.b.w.linux

See also:
NZBIndex.nl (Dec '07: I like the more informative layout, but still prefer binsearch)
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FTD and Alt-Bin

It used to be that these sites were needed to find out details (e.g. the title) of Alt-Bin and FTD numbered posts. I haven't had to use them for some time now.

FTD NFO Lookup

   divx last 30 days
   divx id lookup
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NZB sites

Instead of indexing Usenet posts, these sites rely on users and admins to build and/or submit nzb's. I've been using NZBsRus to see whats being posted because the listings are more condensed (though possibly less thorough) than on newzBin (haven't tried the others)

NZBsRus - Our goal is not to become another newzbin or binnews (not poking either of them though). The goal is to provide the absolutely best stuff.
More free, ad supported, features than newzBin and NZBMatrix.

NZBMatrix - With NZBsRus being down too much lately, I gave these guys a try... Since NZBsRus got their act together, I only use these guys occasionally.

newzBin - The Ultimate Usenet Binaries Index
The folks that started it all. Access now ('08) requires an invite. The listing includes no information of group or quality (cam, screener, etc.) and TV shows are not grouped (e.g. when a season or more of episodes is posted).

See also:
NZB Chat - pretty incomplete (Sep '07)
TvNZB - TV shows only
Nzb-Monster - odd organization

The NZB Site List (2008)
NZB Sites - links to lots of sites, don't count on the scam ratings.
NZB Site - links to a lot more nzb sites (no ratings or sorting)
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I usually try Subscene first when looking for plain text subtitle files. Opensubtitles.org is another option (may have more choices)... SubtitleSource

This online sub <> srt converter (works) also allows you to tweak synchronization (haven't tried).
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Usenet Service Providers
Included are pay-access Usenet providers who sell accounts to individuals, free providers, a few web-based services, and shell-account providers
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VCD Quality
Information on new releases by various groups.

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