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After spending some time at some of these links I'm convinced I can build my own CNC router. I'd like to build something close to 30 x 30". It'll depend on what bearings and ball screws I can find on eBay.

CNC on a Budget
Instant Z-Axis etc.
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Dolphin Mach2 Partmaster CNC Controller
CNC controller capability for up to 6 axes. The system incorporates a special OEM version of the renowned PartMaster CadCam software.
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Stepper Tutorials
Brought to you by Stepperworld.com (Specializing in computer control of Stepper Motors)
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Super Tech & Associates
manufactures CNC Machine Tool Controllers for Stepper, Micro Stepping and Servo motor drives of machine tools and XYZ Tables. Developed SuperCam operating system software for CNC Machine Tools included with all Controller Kits. Also offer machine tools and accessories.
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Yahoo! Groups : CAD_CAM_EDM_DRO
This list is for the discussion of CNC and related topics including CAD, CAM, EDM, & DRO. The list focuses on the construction of home shop CNC machines along with the technologies a CNC hobbyist will need in a Home Shop environment.
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Youngs Surplus
Industrial Surplus Linear Devices & Sensors
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