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"Elements of the MechMate were originally designed as upgrades for a ShopBot, but the point has now been reached where the whole machine has been self-built. The drawings used for producing the first MechMate have been being tidied up and are published on this site, for free."
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Axxus Technologies
photos of a new 4'x8' router table...It uses a timing belt drive system on the x and y axes
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Bob Campbell Designs
CNC Router plans
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CNC @ home!
The Zoltar Machine...The presented tool has been developed especially for home/ hobby use...
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Otocoup router
These drawings are supplied freely for amateur use, and i don't guaranty anything about them.
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ShopBot Tools
...computer controlled routers and plasma cutters...ShopBots are shipped with pre-assembled components but you'll need to allow a day or two for assembly.

EZ-Router is similar to/competing w/ ShopBot.
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