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Price: $1.32 (Each)
Toeboard clips ($.72)
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E.B. Bradley CO.
We are a leading wholesale distributor of high-pressure laminate, cabinet, furniture and store fixture hardware, BHK Uniclic flooring and woodworking supplies.

They've got a lot of pdf reference material on their site. I used to use these folks a lot. I took to long between purchases and they dropped my account. Because of the hassle I now use them (and Decore-ative, same reason) as a last resort.
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Fasco Fastener
"Supply corrosion resistant stainless steel, silicon bronze and brass fasteners for the marine industry."

Their stainless machine screws aren't much more than plated steel (at the local hardware store) and look nicer.
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FastCap PDF via google
Since I haven't been able to find an index for the pdf's. (FastCap site).
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Hafele North America, Co.
...supplier of hardware to the furniture and cabinet hardware industry.

My primary hardware supplier. Very extensive product line. More and more of their products are coming from China (not always bad). My main complaint is their shipping department which has this thing about breaking up orders into multiple shipments (e.g. something that weighs a couple ounces shipped in its own separate box)... '11: much improved, shipping amount up front and ship complete in customized box.

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Hardware Distributors Ltd.
"HDL is a leading wholesale distributor of cabinet and furniture hardware and related products."

Woodworker's Hardware is the retail side.
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Hardware Resources
"Hardware Resources was created to help professional cabinet and furniture manufacturers achieve high profit levels."

Saw them mentioned as a, possibly cheaper, alternative to Hafele on a forum. Their metal drawer slides/sides look just like Hafele's (which are pretty low quality).
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Hardware Source
Hardware Source"Nothing But Hinges!"

Includes Locking Bi-fold and Stainless Euro hinges.
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Hettich America
European cabinet hardware. The parent companies site appears to have more product info (including guest access to their e catalog). For the small US cabinet shop, Hettich isn't nearly as accessible as Haffele.
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J.W. Winco, Inc.
"...Metal and Plastic, Metric and Inch Size Standard Machine Components and Assembly Hardware..."

Lots of stuff for wood and metal jigging/holding/indexing, spanner/socket/key wrenches, knobs/hand-wheels, etc. Found when looking for knurled metric thumb screws (DIN 464). Free shipping if order is $15 or more.

Morton Machine Works ("manufacturer of quality tooling components") has a similar product line.
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Keku fittings
I've started using these for mounting trim (e.g. melamine) where visible fasteners would be unsightly. They are also great for mounting anything that needs to be scribed. Using the system screw mounting version and using 5mm pins instead of mounting the female portion provides a 1/2" offset. Hafele appears to be the sole distributor.
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Louis and Company
"Louis and Company is much more more than simply a wholesale distributor of woodworking supplies."
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Metal platings, coatings and surface treatments
"...a general guideline for fastener distributors, fastener manufacturers and users to select and specify platings or coating treatment to provide corrosion resistance."

See also: Stanley Industries Plating page
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Modular Systems Inc. Mod-eez Fasteners
"The Mod-eez® system was developed to accomplish three specific objectives:
1.  To join panels securely together in such a manner that dimensional changes in the material or structure would not rupture or loosen the joints.
2. To achieve this objective with a fast and simple method of assembly, preferably without the need for tools.
3. To end up with a joint in which the fasteners are totally concealed."

I use these primarily for hanging closet panels to studs. I've also used them to assemble a cabinet with no visible fasteners and to mount finished end panels.
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Outwater Hardware
Wholesale hardware distributor
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Peerless Industries
"Peerless offers the most comprehensive line of video and audio mounts and installation accessories for residential and commercial markets."
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Professional Hardware and Supply
Fasteners, tools, etc. Some 32mm stuff. $15min.
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Rasonics Metal & Plastic Factory
Chinese manufacturer of Minifix-like cams and dowels
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Seastrom Manufacturing
"...manufacturers of standard and custom electronic and assembly hardware...
Seastrom specializes in offering the widest selection of washers available anywhere from stock."

The manufacturer of at least two of the specialized plastic washers that I use. Their online store prices appear to be _way_ high (compared to distributors prices).
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"The Shear-Loc process is a unique and cost effective way to convert standard socket head cap screws into instant thumbscrews."
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Small Parts Inc
Steel set screws with brass tip
Nylon set screws

Amazon store

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Primarily specialty nuts including Rivnut-like T-nuts and numerous other shoulder and insert nuts. They also have large head joint connector bolts/screws. No specifications or online ordering.

See also: Yonturn Hardwares Corp, Hafele and Woodworker's Hardware
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Tenn-Tex Plastics
"Our products include speciality drawer slide brackets designed for easy installation, a patented QuikTray rollout system, shelf clips and much more."

The quick tray looks like a good solution for pullouts. It solves the door clearance problem and allows end user adjustment.
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32mm hardware (primarily RTA) and accessory manufacturer. Their main strength is plastic parts (e.g. their screw caps are cleaner/nicer than FastCap stick ons). Plastic is not always the best option though (e.g. all plastic drawer front adjusters). Most threaded metal parts are low quality die-cast (e.g. their MiniFix equivalent doesn't have machined bolts).
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Westlund Distributing
"offering the largest selection of decorative hardware, cabinet hardware, kitchen knobs, edgebanding, and wood working supplies anywhere."
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