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I re-roofed my old house. The original roofing was cedar shingles over skip sheathing (1 x 5" boards a few inches apart). Somebody roofed over that with three tab. I stripped off the three tab and replaced it with new.

If I were to do it again I would use laminated shingles, probably CertainTeed's Landmark. With skip sheathing some rows of shingles only have the cedar shingles to nail to (nail row falls between boards). CertainTeed's Landmark shingles have what they call Wide Track QB, a 1-1/2" vertical range where you can place nails (more likelihood that you can hit a board). The other thing laminated shingles have going for them is that they are thicker/have more texture that rides/hides the shape of the cedar shingles below. Considering the time I spent striping the old three tab and putting on the new roofing, the $7 a square difference (3-tab VS laminated, both 30 year) would have been well spent.

Something I realized after installing alternating rows offset by half a tab, was that my particular shingles would have been easy to install with one third offsets. Offsetting by thirds distributes the space between the tabs more and makes for a longer lasting roof. The exposure (row spacing) would have been the same as the tab offsets (5-5/8"). I could have used my shingle hammer for both. Live and learn, sometimes it pays to read the instructions before you start.

Owens Corning

Cedar Shingles
I was looking into redoing my roof with cedar shingles but the cost was too high.
Anbrook: Western Red Cedar Shakes & Shingles. Sumas WA (local for me).
B.C. Shake & Shingle Association: North American Design & Application Methods
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Berkeley Parents Network: Water Heaters
"On-demand or tankless water heater"

I just installed a Paloma tankless water heater and was curious to see if others noticed the same negative aspects (they have) and this is the first thing I found.

The main negatives are that it takes a relatively long time for hot water to make it to where you want it and if you turn a faucet/shower down too low the heater will turn off. Not quite as annoying is that turning a faucet on and off (e.g. while washing dishes) will result in a variance in water temperature because the heater cools down fast and because there is a sight delay before the burner fires up again.
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"Manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Building Kits" B.C.

I have light industrial property for a 'real' shop and one thought is to use a steel framed 'kit'. This isn't the one I remembered/was looking for.
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Hydronic Heating
One of these days I hope to build a shop with hydronic heating.

"tekmar Essays provide in-depth explanations of mechanical and control related topics." Includes Control Strategies for Buiding Space Heating: Methods to reduce hydronic heat room temperature swings and increase system efficiency (i.e. reduce heating costs). More literature now but all are now PDF's

HouseNeeds: Radiant Heat & Hydronic Supplies

Radiant floors instructions: Here's how to install a typical radiant floor system.

Radiant Heat from Radiant Floor Company: If you're a do-it-yourselfer looking for help designing a radiant heating system

Woodweb best way to heat a shop thread with image
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