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The Dalrun Website Script (DWS) is a longterm project that I use to build most of my websites. DWS was started a number of years ago as a script (ReviewIt) to add functionality to the Links script. Currently DWS is fairly feature rich but lacks documentation and needs code refactoring.

Admin add categories/content

Admin add/deleteThere is currently an admin link at the bottom left of all directory/category pages. This link is used to add topics/content, to add/delete categories and to search/replace text.

When adding content you need to choose where on the page the page to put the post. Current locations, from top to bottom of the page, are: head, body, link, foot. By default, new content is added to the top of the body section. Body and link posts can be sorted by title (alphanumeric, top to bottom) by selecting body_sort or link_sort.

A URL entry (e.g. http://foo.com/) will turn Title into a link and would typically be used when adding content to the links section.

Upload is most commonly used to add an image to a post. When you hit preview the preview page will take a while to load because once the image is uploaded the script resizes the image to within 640x640, creates a 110x110 thumbnail (which links to the bigger image) and adds it to the top/right of the post. After doing this you will see HTML at the top of the Description box when editing the topic. If you don't know HTML you can just ignore it.

Subcategories are added to the category you clicked the admin link in. You only need to fill in the Directory field unless you want to use non-alphanumeric characters for the category title. If you want a category description its currently recommended to use Add Content (for the DWS description at the top of this page I used Location: head, and left the Title empty).

Delete category will check for uploaded files and warn you if any are found. It will also tell you if it finds any subcategories (which would need to be deleted first). Currently there is no option to move categories.

"Search and replace selected text" is currently not category specific and needs a topic of its own. If you accept the defaults, and only fill in the first two fields on the second screen, its a simple site-wide search and replace tool. Its safe in that new temporary files, where you can view the changes before committing them, are created.
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Admin edit/move/delete content

Admin edit/move/deleteEach topic/content post has a hidden link (small transparent image) to the admin edit/move/delete functions for that post. When there is a [comment] link, the admin link is just to the right of the closing bracket. The links/transparent images can also be found by highlighting the text on the page. (I've thought about a small admin image but would rather expand the admin select screen).

The default screen is the edit function with a link to the move/delete functions at the top (Other Admin options: Move). You can also use the edit function to add additional images. Additional images are added to the category's image gallery. When viewing the topic's full-size image there will be a 'Next' button at the top/right of the page. The 'Next' button will take you to the next image you uploaded.

You can also create text links to additional images (like I do in this post) by using [image filename]::[your text]::, e.g. 1361_1.png::my text:: (which doesn't work here because the image names in this post all start with 1362), or HTML (1362_links.txt). All uploaded filenames start with the topic/post id#. In this post the first image is 1362.png (the post id # is 1362), the second 1362_1.png, the third 1362_2.png, etc.

Http(s) text links can be created using the same shorthand that you can use for image links, http:/ /links.dalrun.com/::home:: (sans the space between the forward slashes) = home.

Clicking 'Move' opens the move/delete screen. The delete function is at the bottom of the 'Move to' list. You currently only get a generic warning when deleting content (no list of files like delete category has).
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