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I've written a lot of Perl scripts, primarily for use with websites. I've only released a couple to the public - ReviewIt (ancient history) and the NZBGet post processing script (new). DWS is a large and long term project that may never get released.


PhotoFrame is a "free and simple PHP4 script aims to make it as easy as possible to display a bunch of photos on the web with thumbnails, captions and comments."

I use this this script for all the images (aside from the upper left logo) on my sites. Posting the link was prompted by finding a use for capfiles. By changing the case "capfile" else from return ""; to return $image; I can have my default heading be the filename and use the admin interface to create/write .cap files when I want them.

Unfortunately the H3 container is quite limiting. I made changes around "< H3 >".stripslashes($caption);. I moved the closing H3 where is should have been and added an 'if'. If a capfile exists it can contain anything you want because its not stuck inside an H3 container.

   if (file_exists("$thumb/$image".".cap")) {
      echo stripslashes($caption);
   } else {
      echo "< H3 >".stripslashes($caption)."< /H3 >";

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Textarea HTML editors

Nov '06: Moved all the editor links here, updated old info and added new links.

htmlArea discontinued their script and is now "A directory of browser-based wysiwyg editor components". While it appears to be a pretty comprehensive collection, they would do well to break it into more categories

SnippetMaster is interesting as its also a form of content management.

Dynamic Drive has a couple editors in their Form Effects section.

The Typetool project page and download link. An old and apparently no longer active project. There appear to be numerous newer better options now.
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Fluid Dynamics Software

Perl CGI scripts that add value to customers' websites
I've used Zoltan's search engine on and off for years, it keeps getting better.
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mySiteMaker is a collection of CGI tools written in Perl for rapidly creating web interfaces to MySQL database tables.

Usable but lacking in features and a bit of a pain to customize. I'm using it for my Movies database.
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Some interesting website enhancement javascripts including one that I was looking for:

DomCollapse - accessible collapsible and expandable page sections

A modified version of the script is here. While 'expand/collapse all' would be nice, its a customized/hard-coded hack that I haven't been able to figure out/use.

Another approach: Expandable/Collapsible Content
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