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Gathering an array of directories

Starting @ $one_up_path, traverse the directory tree pushing all relative directories (except those we are ignoring) into @dirs.

my @dirs;
use File::Find ;
no warnings 'File::Find'; # suppresses -w 'Variable "@dirs" will not stay shared'
find(\&ffdir, $one_up_path); # $one_up_path is my 'start in' directory
sub ffdir {
   if (-d) {
      my $dir = $File::Find::name;
      $dir =~ s!$ENV{'DOCUMENT_ROOT'}/(.*)!$1!;
      if ($dir!~m!^(images|files|cgi-bin)$!){
         push (@dirs, $dir);

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Man page
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Randal L. Schwartz/stonehenge.com
Recursive directory tasks (sep 97)
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File Find Rule
Perl File::Find::Rule. A simple/easy front-end to File::Find. I'm hesitant to use anything that isn't a core module. This page shows some practical usage examples.
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