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Crystalfontz Serial LCD Software
Even WinTest (~Seetron's Serial Send) is pretty much Crystalfontz specific.
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"just another LCD software" Unfortunately a lot of text is in German.
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LCD Smartie
LCD Smartie is software you can use to show a lot of different things on your LCD. It supports LCD's with a Hitachi HD44780 Controller, a Matrix Orbital Serial LCD or Crystalfontz serial LCD.
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...a small program that grabs information from the kernel and some subsystems and displays it on an external liquid crystal display.
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...application that displays information on your LCD or VFD screen. Apparently the only supported display is Matrix Orbital.
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linux LCD display driver
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universal LCD/VFD driver for Windows
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Guess you gotta just try it, no features list, about page, etc.
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Serial Send Tool
This utility program lets you send data through the serial port of your Windows PC. Unlike terminal programs, it let you embed ASCII values/control characters in the output. There's other docs and software, most (all?) Seetron specific on their support page.
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