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AMP/Molex Style 4 pin Power Connectors, Molex Tools, etc.
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All Electronics Corp
Parts and Supplies/New and Surplus. Good range of stuff. Prices vary from good to not so good. Easy to use site and ordering. Flat rate $7 shipping.
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B.G. Micro
Electronics, Kits, Surplus, Online Catalog
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...over 300,000 components from more than 275 manufacturers. Like Mouser, a huge inventory and prices on the high side. These folks sent me a catalog in good time (6mo. and still nothing from Mouser).
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Electronix Express
Good range of products at pretty good prices.
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Excess Solutions
Excess Solutions is a surplus electronics dealer. They have some good stuff at good prices. Computer fans, small power supplies, etc. Some of the stuff is incomplete (switches without bezels, fuse holders sold in pieces, etc.). The pictures/descriptions can be really lame.
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Good range of IC's. Nice resistor grab bag, good selection of sizes, bagged and labeled. Also where I buy small connectors. They can be a bit slow (7 business days for my last order was better than my first order) but they are good for small orders, $4 shipping on orders of $29 or less.
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Providing Interface Solutions. They have a CD case SCSI cable that I couldn't find elsewhere. Lots of cables, not necessarily cheap.
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Mouser Electronics
Top rated electronic components and parts distributor; vendor; manufacturer authorized reseller. Products: semiconductor, IC, LED, LCD, capacitor, resistor, inductor, transformer, potentiometer, connector, relay, switch, power supply, converter, test equipment.
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Power Supply, Power Supplies, Security Cameras, LCD, Fans, Etc. It seems that after looking here I've always found and bought elsewhere.
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Ocean State Electronics
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The Electronic Goldmine
Wide-ranging, limited selection, some unique items.
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Through-hole rivets
Manual system for through-hole plating. A simple and easy-to-operate system for the through-hole plating of circuit boards.

There's got to be a cheaper solution... Tiny Pin Sockets (dead link removed) have possibilities.
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